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Multi-Fandom Fanfic Recommendations

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Read any fanfic you liked? Want to spread the word without writing a huge review? Here's the place to do so.

All fandoms, all ratings, all pairings. Both fanfic and RPF recs are welcome.

This community is for fanfiction and vid recommendations only, everything else is considered off-topic and will be deleted (if you think you have something worthy of an exception, i.e. an annoucement for a nifty new fandom-specific rec community, please ask the mods - we're a nice bunch, we don't bite... much).

If you post a recommendation, please include:

- the fandom
- the featured pairing or (if it's a gen story) the character(s) it focuses on
- the rating
- a short summary (just one or two sentences)

Please be brief. That's the whole idea of the comm - no long winded posts.

For archiving purposes, please list only the fandoms you rec in your post in the subject line.

As of November 2005, our archive is up at Recs @ Paperpilots.net, hosted, designed and maintained by slippery_fish.

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Credits: layout based on the "Ice Whites" code by angeling, tiny user icons by passing_girl, banner artwork by slippery_fish.

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